Nikola Tesla

If you don't know who Nikola Tesla was? (No problem) It is just the sad reality of the world that our school history did not teach us anything about him. (Even I didn't know about him anything a month ago). But anyways now I know, so let's get into this.

Now days, we are so addicted to the wireless technology that we can't even live without it. Basically, Tesla was the first person who came up with the idea of wireless technology. He is also described as the "Man ahead of time". I mean he lived in the time when world was not even familiar with the electricity, at that time thinking about wireless technology was just out of imagination for normal people. Tesla is responsible for the most of the crucial technology we use now days, but how come we never learn any thing about him in school history when he played such an important role? ( Read on you'll find the answer at the end  of the article)

Blue_Portrait_of_Nikola_Tesla PD

The Serbian born inventor had a genius mind, eidetic memory and the vision ahead of time. He has 700 patents on his name and is responsible for the many crucial technologies we use now days. Such as Alternating Current (AC), Radio, Radar, Hydroelectric power, transistor etc. See these are just the some technologies I mentioned which are the part of our daily life. Shouldn't we suppose to know everything about this man? Yeah right. But we don't and there is a reason for that, he was always been taken advantage by the greedy(businessman) for all his life. He was a real scientist and did not know how to handle things commercially.


One more reason was that, can you imagine the electricity to be transmitted without wires just like the wi-fi you use.  Well Tesla came up with that idea and he did some experiments with his ideas which were quite successful, he called it as free energy.  Yeah literally the free energy for any home on the planet, when needed electricity you could just take it from the earth's ionosphere for FREE.  Google Wardenclyffe Tower.


See you could have had electricity for free but the people in-charge couldn't have made the money if people get it free. So, to remove him from the history and the put their commercial interest at priority he has been kept unknown to us.